Recycling and Materials

Focal Plastics is a responsible manufacturer. For over 25 years Focal Plastics has been recycling all the plastic material waste from the site. Different materials are segregated for recycling and nothing goes to landfill. Wherever possible we purchase from UK manufacturers.

The thin gauge is sold to extruding companies who extrude into either thin gauge rolls or sheet, and is supplied back to ourselves or goes to other vac forming companies.

Thick gauge material is all returned to the extruding companies we purchase from and recycled on a 'closed loop' supply agreement.

We segregate to prevent contamination and this is all reprocessed and supplied back to Focal.


Approximately 90% of our materials are now made from recycled/post consumer waste, with virtually all the thin gauge APET sheet moving over to RPET (recycled APET). Some formings cannot be made from recycled materials as their usage and material specification prohibits this.